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2019 Best Filterless Air Purifier

Depends upon what angle you take a look at a filterless air air purifier. It can be an eco-friendly air purifying machine that may save you a number of time and effort in upkeep. It can be seemed upon as a sub-standard unit that falls behind a HEPA air cleaner in efficiency. Some may argue this isn’t a real air purifier as there isn’t any filter in any respect. Whatever take you will have, we’re right here to rebut on the unfavourable features and lead you to an entire new perspective.

Say no to filters!

How filterless air air purifier works

As the identify implied, filterless air cleaner will purify the air with out relying on any mechanical filter. Is dependent upon the know-how, it will probably cover a variety of indoor pollutants like a traditional HEPA filter would. There are 5 forms of air purifiers out there, a type of is the forbidden fruit that you must by no means go for.

  • Ionizer/ Electrostatic recipitator – Electrostatically charge and launch unfavorable ions to merge with constructive ions particles. The merge particles would fall because of the elevated weight and calm down in the air purifier. There are slight variations between ionizer and electrostatic precipitator. The former is often part of a HEPA air air purifier filtration. The later is a standalone unit that comes with a collector plate to collect the fall particles.
  • Thermodynamic sterilization – aka Airfree air air purifier. Comparable idea as boiling water that kills 99.9% of microorganisms and germs via warmth. The sterilization course of end with only regular temperature air released again out.
  • Hybrid – The primary filtration have to be a permanent filter or know-how that’s each green. While the supporting filters like carbon filter might be washable or replaceable. This permits the air purifier to work even when the remainder of the filtration is worn out. Honeywell AirGenius 5 is an effective instance.
  • Ultraviolet UV cleaner – A conversational inclusion in the listing as mild bulb still has a utilization lifespan. Makes use of UV-C/ ultraviolet from a light-weight bulb to remove micro organism and viruses. The allergens are obliterated inside thus no cleansing ever wanted. Trendy UVGI cleaner comes along with ionizer which we have now touched on earlier.
  • Ozone generator – This is the forbidden one we talked about. Ozone generator works via the process of oxidation. It cut up oxygen molecules (O2) into single atoms, eliminating any contaminants in between. The only atoms with merge with different oxygen molecules to type ozone (O3). Ozone generator is efficient towards odor, uses no filter however is harmful to our physique. Inhaling to ozone can result in many negative effects and respiratory issues.

How can we measure?

The “permanent” filtration Firstly, it have to be filterless. Meaning the primary filtration could be reused time and again without expiring. Then we’ll measure its effectiveness towards family allergens, smoke, and odors. The quicker it kills of the irritants, the extra weight we’ll place on the air air purifier.
Room measurement/ Protection This one is a no brainer. The larger the purifying coverage, the bigger the room measurement an air purifier can cowl. As most filter-less air air purifier are usually not CADR tested, the airflow supply plays a key position right here.
Promoting worth Since filter alternative value is nil. The air purifier selling worth is crucial in deciding is this the “right” one. No level shopping for an costly air air purifier that does not work or take years to recuperate. We may even decide the unit worthiness compared with a basic HEPA air purifier.

Who is this for?

Anybody from that needs clean air free from germs, smoke, and allergens. Busy mother and father or bachelor that do not have to be tied down with one other house appliances. An asthmatic or hyperallergic individual that’s always sick. Newborn, baby and youngsters would tremendously recognize it.

Best Filterless Air Purifier 2019

other filter


250 sq. ft. (23 m2)

A well known model with a not so well-liked model. AirGenius 5 is a hybrid air air purifier that most individuals typically ignored. Powered by the ifD know-how that is solely out there in selected Honeywell fashions. This air purifier comes with 3 stage filtration that’s unusual within the filterless world.

What’s cool: Patented QuietClean ifD know-how that remove up to 99.9% of allergens as small as 0.Three microns. Washable pre-filter that may be reused time and again time. Upgradable odor-reducing pre-filter that captures giant mud, hair, smoke, and odors! There’s also ionizer that may electrostatically cost ions for straightforward capturing.

What’s not: ifD is more for non-gas particles so the 3 months lifespan odor pre-filter improve is imminent. Filters require regular cleanup/ vacuuming to take care of its effectivity.

Briefly: A proven know-how that may prevent plenty of time and money discovering the alternative filter. It isn’t as efficient as True HEPA filter regardless of the figures recommend in any other case. There’s additionally the cheaper model AirGenius 4 or 3 that we might not advocate. Persist with Honeywell AirGenius 5 because it has the perfect value when it comes to efficiency and options.

  • Glossy, airflow resistance tower design that is trendy and practical.
  • Help both permanent, wahsable pre-filter or odor-reducing pre-filter. Our votes goes to the odor-reducing pre-filter.
  • Virtually no annual filter upkeep value because the ifD is reusable.
  • Efficient ifD filter that may seize most microscopic family allergens.
  • Straightforward to use Sensible controls with elective oscillation and accent mild.
  • Digital Filter Verify reminder with stay gauge indicator.
  • Highly customizable timer (as much as 12 hours).
  • 5 years guarantee.
  • Loses out to conventional media filtration that tends to have stronger filtration. Smoke and odor filtration efficiency shouldn’t be great either.
  • The everlasting filter requires commonly clean up to forestall particles congestion.

Annual filter ^
other filter


Patented Thermodynamic TSS Know-how



650 sq. ft. (60 m2)

Filterless is Airfree. Airfree is filterless. This is how we might describe Onix 3000. A compact air air purifier that kills germ with none filter or releasing any dangerous ozone. All these are achievable because of the Thermodynamic TSS Know-how that applies the idea of boiling water.

What’s cool: Help as much as 650 sq. ft. protection. Thermodynamic TSS Know-how that destroys (observe: NOT capture) microorganisms. This consists of mud mites, mould, pollen, pet dander, odors, micro organism, and viruses. No filter change or maintenance every wanted. Adjustable night time mild.

What’s not: Sluggish purification course of that may take days to cleanup a room. Not efficient towards mud.

Briefly: Killing it softly is one of the simplest ways of describing the elimination course of. Compensating that’s the silent and hassle-free operation that you possibly can depart it on its own. If for some purpose you don’t quite fancy Onix 3000, there’s the mirroring model Iris 3000, P3000 or the older P2000.

  • Eco-friendly purification technique that doesn’t requires upkeep/ cleansing.
  • No recurring value because the air purifier does not use any filters.
  • Matches anyplace with its compact and light-weight physique.
  • Adjustable stress-free mild on brightness depth.
  • Absolutely silent operation thus it can work exceptionally nicely in bed room.
  • Consistent and low energy consumption.
  • Purification works on a gradual foundation that would take days to cleanup micro-organisms in the room.
  • Less efficient especially on mud, smoke and odor filtration examine with typical filter-type air purifier.
  • Plain vanilla unit with no addon features.

Annual filter ^
other filter


Patented Thermodynamic TSS Know-how



650 sq. ft. (60 m2)

A up model to Onix 3000 however primarily the same machine. Airfree Lotus continues to be the small air purifier that uses the same Thermodynamic TSS Tech. Internally, it’s going to boil up to 400°F (Yup 400°F) and solely launch back cool air out. Successfully killing any microorganism within the process.

What’s cool: Again, Thermodynamic TSS Know-how is the important thing. It’s going to kill irritants like pollen, mould, dust mites, odors, ozone, micro organism, and viruses. There isn’t a filter alternative and the TSS doesn’t require cleaning. Lotus can help as much as 650 sq. ft. room measurement and up to 10 selectable shade night time mild.

What’s not: Doesn’t seize dust or any giant particles fast sufficient. To maximise its efficiency, the air air purifier have to be turned on all the time.

Briefly: There’s loads of good thing happening with Airfree Lotus. The silent no filter purification, one button operation, and child-friendly night time mild. It’s no HEPA air air purifier but that’s the great thing about it. It shouldn’t be.

  • Eco-friendly purification technique that does not requires upkeep/ cleansing.
  • No recurring value as the air air purifier does not use any filters.
  • Matches anyplace with its compact and lightweight body.
  • Adjustable stress-free mild on brightness depth.
  • Completely silent operation thus it is going to work exceptionally nicely in bed room.
  • Constant and low power consumption.
  • Purification works on a gradual basis that would take days to cleanup micro-organisms within the room.
  • Less effective especially on mud, smoke and odor filtration examine with typical filter-type air purifier.
  • Plain vanilla unit with no addon options.

Annual filter ^
other filter


Patented Thermodynamic TSS Know-how



180 sq. ft. (17 m2)

In contrast to the above Airfree model, there’s nothing fancy about T800 air purifier. It does not have an evening mild, has small purifying protection, and topple simply. Why are we featuring it then? Easy. The no filter, water heating, germ killer Thermodynamic TSS Know-how.

What’s cool: Small, mild and moveable. Very low cost around 3-4 occasions lower than the typical mannequin. More so, it’s nonetheless the identical Thermodynamic TSS with the identical killing effectivity.

What’s not: 180 square ft protection is poor. There’s also the sluggish purification course of to cope with.

Briefly: If you’d like a real filterless air purifier and don’t wish to prime up for filter, EVER, this is it. No fancy design, difficult options, naked prices and works as it is.

  • Airfree’s patented purifying know-how.
  • Zero noise generated.
  • Small and compact.
  • Nice with safety options.
  • Used low electricity.
  • Significantly expensive examine with different Airfree air air purifier with method higher protection output.
  • Mediocre airflow purifying protection with no addon features.
  • Sluggish, gradual foundation purification that would take days to utterly clear up pollutants.
  • Weak towards mud, smoke and odor examine with typical filter air air purifier.

Annual filter ^
HEPA filter
carbon filter


carbon zeolite filters (2 pack)



140 sq. ft. (13 m2)

Let’s get this out of my chest, Hamilton Seashore TrueAir Compact Pet is just not a very good air air purifier. It’s an OK air air purifier that does not use any filter (major HEPA at the very least), and more importantly, is dust low cost. So why are we putting it here? Is as a result of it works and some individuals don’t want all the flamboyant stuff. Contained in the filtration, there is a 3-stage filtration that’s pretty commonplace in most mannequin. No mud, hair or pet dander shall be too troublesome for this pet machine.

What’s cool: HEPA-grade filter with a 99% capturing efficiency. Not the same par as True HEPA filter but it can lure any nearby irritants including germs. There’s also a washable pre-filter and a Three-month lifespan carbon zeolite filters.

What’s not: The 140 sq. ft. purifying vary won’t sound too dangerous, but in real life, coverage is basically small. The three fan velocity makes little variations and options are non-existence.

Briefly: Once more low cost and works all the time ring a bell. This compact air cleaner is greatest used as tabletop mendacity vertically or horizontally. Do not anticipate anything greater than that and also you’ll be effective. With that being stated, we might still advocate you to go for any of the above filterless air purifiers. Sticking with TrueAir, contemplate replacing the carbon filters at very least.

  • Very reasonably priced worth .
  • Everlasting HEPA grade filter that can be simply keep with routine vacuuming.
  • Compact and moveable physique.
  • Versatile design the place you’ll be able to place the unit horizontally or vertically without ever affecting the airflow efficiency.
  • Usually low noise output.
  • Small airflow protection with poor airflow delivery fee.
  • Weak filtration (at only 3 micron) with gradual declining on the effectiveness of the everlasting HEPA-filter .
  • Ineffective towards robust odor and chemical compounds.
  • Plain vanilla unit with no features like timer, air high quality standing, Auto mode.
  • Comes only with 1 yr guarantee (some primary unit supply as much as 2).

Annual filter ^

🏆 Honorable point out

Air purifiers come and down so no level that includes an air air purifier that doesn’t reduce it anymore. Listed here are some memorable options:

  • Bionaire/ Holmes has many zero filter air purifier that is low cost and compact. Have in mind plenty of the fashions are not in production. Avoid these.
  • Envion do carry a couple of iconic model that we’ve not reviewed (yet). Something you’ll be able to ponder on.

📃 Previous holder

  • Airfree P2000
  • Airfree Iris 3000
  • Bionaire/ Holmes Egg air purifier

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