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How Stephen Colbert helped us to achieve a female quota of 42% when organising a conference » Agile Trail

Opening Circle ACCAU Melbourne 2017

The present female quota for all ticket holders for the Agile Coach Camp 2019 Melbourne, Australia, is 42%. We achieved that by promoting solely 40% of all tickets to individuals who determine themselves as female. Right here’s how we did that with the assistance of Stephen Colbert.

Context 1: The Conference

We, Chris Chan and I, attended the first Agile Coach Camp in Australia (ACCAU) in Sydney in 2014. We then organised the primary ACCAU in Melbourne in 2015. After that, we organised three more in Melbourne each following yr. A month in the past, we began organising the fifth ACCAU Melbourne to be held in March 2019.

Each ACCAU Melbourne was restricted to 50 attendees. We had 40 attendees in 2015 and have been bought out ever since. The tickets for ACCAU Melbourne 2019 have been gone in four hours only.

Context 2: Agile Youngsters

My spouse Victoria is a component of the local Agile group, is partially an Agile coach and is at present an Agile delivery supervisor at SEEK. She has attended all ACCAUs in Melbourne and has also obtained a ticket for 2019. Our daughter Poppy was born in 2014 and accompanied us to all types of Agile occasions. She turned a bit of a local superstar within the Agile group (Hashtag #agilebaby on Twitter). She has been with us at all ACCAUs in Melbourne up to now. Our son Milo was born in 2016 and was additionally part of ACCAU Melbourne 2017 and 2018.

I used to be co-hosting the conference and each of us, Victoria and I, needed to take part in periods as properly. We had to work out how to do this with our youngsters being around. When Poppy was a baby, we just carried her round wherever we went. Most of the time she was okay with that, and if we had to settle her, we left the room and sorted things out. Another Agile couple also brought their baby that yr they usually had a comparable strategy. General, no massive cope with babies at conferences. That was 2015.

Little Celebrities at ACCAU Melbourne 2015

In 2016, Poppy was now operating round, so we requested a pal of ours to babysit at the conference. The other Agile couple additionally introduced their kid again. We used a small room as a nursery, establishing moveable cots for nap time and to have a room the place the youngsters might play. Most of the occasions the babysitter was taking care of the youngsters. The mother and father might go see the youngsters at any time and did so all through the day several occasions. It was a very relaxed surroundings and labored nicely.

Opening Circle with Youngsters at ACCAU 2016

For the subsequent yr 2017, my spouse and I introduced Agile child (our son Milo) and we ended up with three youngsters. We had a combination of the previous years, i.e. babies in periods and a babysitter taking care of the toddlers, incl. a nursery.

Market Place with Youngsters at ACCAU 2017

2017 was also the yr when the primary attendees gave us this suggestions: “Oh, you have your kids here? If I had known that, maybe I could’ve brought mine, too?” That made us assume. Perhaps we might supply a childcare service for ACCAU Melbourne?

We ran the numbers. Our fantastic venue sponsor Nintex has all the time been totally okay with us having our own youngsters on the event in the earlier years. We requested them if they might be okay with a couple more youngsters. “Er, how many kids are we talking here?” they requested. “Don’t know yet. We’ll find out depending on who buys tickets. Probably only a few more.” We acquired the go ahead and started organising and introduced childcare for ACCAU Melbourne 2018.

Context 3: Gender Equality

I contemplate myself a feminist, i.e. I’m all for gender equality. I was all the time interested in the ratio of males to females inside the domains of IT and Agile. Hearing complaints of how few ladies converse at and attend conferences in these domains, I was all the time curious to study concerning the causes behind this. How might one change the setting (i.e. the conferences) so that extra ladies would converse and attend? Organising a conference myself now gave me a chance to do something about this.

For instance, the motherhood hole is taken into account to be one of the explanations for the gender pay gap. If by offering a childcare service, we enable only one further dad or mum to attend ACCAU Melbourne, we felt this is able to assist to bridge the gender gap and subsequently contribute to attaining gender equality.

Chris was instantly on board. We looked at ACCAU Melbourne’s ladies quota. For the primary three years 2015-2017, the share of ladies was 23%, 31%, and 33%.

Proportion of Ladies at ACCAU Melbourne 2015-2017

By the best way, right here in Australia, ladies make up about 28% of the knowledge know-how workforce. So, our 33% in 2017 didn’t look so dangerous, particularly with an upward development that began with 23%.

Childcare service in 2018

Certainly, with a childcare service for ACCAU Melbourne in 2018, we should always have the ability to easily get a larger proportion, proper?

Youngsters Space at ACCAU Melbourne 2018

Flawed. We dropped to 22% in 2018, a document low. We had 7 youngsters between three months and 7 years previous. How might this be, in any case we did? We employed an agency which sent two skilled nannies. We had a nursery and created a further playground with tons of toys in another part of the venue. One attendee thanked us and stated she wouldn’t have been in a position to attend if it wasn’t for the childcare service. We additionally received tons of feedback from other attendees concerning the childcare service. They favored that we had the childcare service and how we organised it. And still, only 22%?! Frustrating.

Proportion of Ladies at ACCAU Melbourne 2015-2018

We couldn’t provide you with an evidence. Perhaps it’s simply an outlier? We still like our childcare service, and we’ll supply it again in 2019. 8 youngsters have been signed up already. But perhaps we should always attempt one thing else? One thing as well as to the childcare service?

Stephen Colbert’s author’s room

I read about Stephen Colbert’s strategy to hiring for variety in the last couple of months. Stephen Colbert is the host of The Late Show, one of these typical late night time speak exhibits in the US.  When his present began in 2015, the subsequent presidential election was still greater than a yr away. The Washington Submit complained wrote about Colbert’s author’s room and his friends: “Of the 19 writers for the present, two are ladies. Of Colbert’s eight friends in the first week, two … have been ladies.“

Three years later. The US has seen a elementary political shift. Racism and sexism dominate the headlines, and Colbert had second thoughts concerning the variety of his writer’s room. Here’s his practice of thought:

“I had been very annoyed at the previous present, about my lack of ability to discover numerous candidates for the present. And it was late in that present that I got here to understand that it was my naiveté considering that … the standard process would get you the weird room.

We might say, you understand, it’s essential, we would like writers of shade, we would like ladies, and you’d get 150 packets and there can be eight ladies. And we’re like, ‘God, that’s so frustrating.’ Until I stated, ‘No, only women’—then I received 87 ladies. And I assumed, ‘Where were these people before?’ And that was type of the belief of my naiveté, that it’s not enough to say you want it, you’ve gotten to go to the not-ordinary step.”

She/her tickets for 2019

What if we put apart a specific amount of tickets for ladies solely? That’s what we did. We needed to attempt it out, as an experiment. We didn’t dare to go for 50%, because that step appeared too massive. 40% seemed better. It was more than our report excessive of 33%, and it was significantly higher than our final yr’s end result of 22%.

We organised the ticket sale for the ACCAUs in Melbourne with Eventbrite. We created two ticket classes, one labelled “she/her”, the opposite “they/them”. We put up 20 tickets in the she/her category, which is 40% of all tickets, and 30 tickets within the they/them category. These are the descriptions of the classes:

“Agile Coach Camp Participant – she/her — In the event you determine as a lady, please seize one of these tickets. If these tickets are gone, please seize one of the “they/them” tickets.”

“Agile Coach Camp Participant – they/them — For those who don’t determine as a lady (males, this is able to be—amongst others—you!), then grab one of the “they/them” tickets. Should you determine as a lady and there are not any “she/her” tickets left, then please seize one of these tickets.”

We talked about making this fool-proof. What if a man grabs one of the she/her tickets? What if individuals don’t understand which ticket they should go for? We requested a couple of individuals, women and men, to read our event and ticket descriptions. They all did superb. That gave us sufficient confidence to just go together with it.

We also talked concerning the state of affairs that we’d not get enough ladies in any respect. It might seem like 30 they/them tickets bought (all males!) and 20 she/her tickets left, with a waiting listing of dozens of men… Nevertheless, we thought that this was not very probably. Two reasons: One, we have been bought out within the earlier yr inside 2 days. Since we open ticket gross sales in December, and the event is in March, we might have 3 months time to appeal to ladies to this occasion. Challenge accepted! Two, in the previous yr, we had a waiting listing of greater than 30 individuals at occasions. Most of the individuals on the waiting record have been ladies. So, actually, we had had enough ladies already the yr earlier than, they only weren’t evenly distributed between the attendee record and the waiting record.

There was also a probability that we might find yourself with greater than 40% ladies with our strategy. If we sell out all she/her tickets and have they/them tickets left, ladies can nonetheless purchase they/them tickets. We thought we’d be okay with that.

We talked concerning the challenge of how we’d measure the result of the experiment. How would we all know that individuals who recognized as female truly purchased she/her tickets? Perhaps people who didn’t determine as female purchased them by mistake and then what? So we asked for the customer’s gender in the course of the buying process, simply to have yet one more verify. Yes, if individuals need to screw with us, they will (and a few did). However hey, we trust in the general goodness of individuals, particularly in the native Agile group. It’ll be alright, mate!

Experiment End result

We bought out in only four hours. Of our 50 tickets, 21 have been bought by ladies, 28 have been purchased by males, 1 was bought by different. That’s a ladies quota of 42%.

Proportion of Ladies at ACCAU Melbourne 2015-2019

3 individuals who recorded their gender as not female bought she/her tickets. One of them wrote us an e-mail immediately afterwards, apologising for making a mistake and asking us to change his ticket to a they/them ticket.

The she/her tickets have been bought out before the they/them tickets. 4 individuals who stated their gender was female purchased they/them tickets after the she/her tickets have been bought out.

Until the occasion starts

Often, there are about 5-10 individuals who drop out over the subsequent 3 months, and other people from the waiting record will probably be provided tickets. We plan to release tickets for the waiting record manually. For every individual with a specific gender that drops out, we launch a ticket for the subsequent individual on the waiting listing with the same gender. That approach, we expect we will keep the ladies quota.