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The Pertussis Vaccine and Children Brain Damage: America’s Dark Vaccine History


by Barbara Loe Fisher
Nationwide Vaccine Info Middle

It’s a primitive bacterial vaccine licensed in 1914. 1 It has not been given to infants in America for 20 years.

It’s the vaccine that had mind broken so many youngsters and prompted so many vaccine damage lawsuits 2 that Massive Pharma used it to blackmail Congress into giving vaccine producers a partial product legal responsibility defend in 1986, which the U.S. Supreme Courtroom made even greater in 2011. Three

I’m speaking about entire cell pertussis vaccine in DPT, a crude brew of entire B. pertussis micro organism heated and washed with formaldehyde four however nonetheless filled with neurotoxic aluminum 5 and mercury 6 together with shock-inducing endotoxin, 78 in addition to mind damaging bioactive pertussis toxin, 9 1011 a toxin so deadly that researchers use it to intentionally induce acute experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) in lab animals. 121314

Entire cell pertussis vaccine: probably the most reactive vaccine nonetheless given to infants and youngsters in creating nations as a result of it prices drug corporations simply pennies to make a dose of it. 15 Entire cell pertussis vaccine, the one which put strain on the B. pertussis bacterium to mutate into vaccine resistant strains starting within the 1950s. 1617

Vaccinologists Beating the Drum to Deliver Again Poisonous DPT Vaccine


Now some vaccinologists are beating the drum to deliver again that nasty previous vaccine and give it to new child infants in America. 1819 They are saying they assume the toxin-filled entire cell pertussis vaccine in DPT works somewhat higher at stopping whooping cough a bit longer than the purified acellular pertussis vaccine in DTaP. They need to “prime” little six to eight-week previous infants with ALL the bioactive toxins in the entire cell pertussis vaccine’s crude brew.  Apparently they assume it’s well worth the danger to fake like they’ve fastened the issue.

Within the 1980s, mother and father of DPT vaccine injured youngsters labored for greater than a decade to get the much less reactive DTaP vaccine licensed in America as a result of we knew Japan had been utilizing it since 1981 with no reported whooping cough outbreaks and far fewer critical reactions. 20 As public outrage concerning the reactivity of entire cell pertussis vaccine grew and DPT vaccine damage lawsuits piled up, in 1996 U.S. public well being officers lastly licensed a purified acellular pertussis vaccine for infants. 212223

Legal responsibility Free Vaccine Business Needs to Re-write History

However they by no means forgave mother and father of vaccine injured youngsters for making it occur and, by 1998, that they had branded vaccine security advocates as “anti-vaccine.” 2425 Now that the U.S. Supreme Courtroom has declared FDA licensed vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe” and handed drug corporations a free “get out of jail” cross for vaccine accidents and deaths, 26 it’s beginning to appear to be the aim all alongside was to ultimately convey again the previous pertussis vaccine so the vaccine business by no means once more should spend one other dime to enhance a vaccine the FDA has licensed as “safe.”

The try and rewrite historical past has begun, and the technique is to rehabilitate the dangerous popularity of entire cell DPT vaccine so the clock might be turned again.

Vaccinologists might need to rewrite historical past, however it’s more durable to do when the details are so nicely documented within the medical literature. 27 For many who need to get educated concerning the historical past of pertussis and pertussis vaccination, the web Library of Drugs is a superb place to start out. 28

Pertussis Reality Quantity One: Described because the “100 day cough,” B. pertussis illness has been round since at the very least the 16th century, and it may be particularly critical for infants who can’t breathe when the sticky mucous produced by the gram damaging micro organism clogs their tiny airways. The World Well being Group estimates that globally 85 of youngsters have gotten three pertussis photographs, however yearly there are about 160,000 youngsters underneath age 5 who die from pertussis problems like pneumonia, and over 60 % of those youngsters stay in Africa. 2930 Mortality from infectious illnesses is all the time greater the place individuals reside in poverty, with crowding and poor sanitation, industrial air pollution, substandard vitamin, and lack of entry to well being care amenities. 31

screaming baby

In 2017, there have been 15,808 instances of pertussis reported in America with 13 deaths, 32 though most instances of whooping cough are by no means recognized and reported to the federal government. That’s since you could be contaminated with pertussis and present few or no signs, whether or not you have got been vaccinated or not. 3334

Pertussis Reality Quantity Two: After recovering from a pertussis an infection, pure immunity is assumed to final between seven and 20 years and synthetic immunity has been estimated to wane as early as two years after getting vaccinated with both entire cell or acellular pertussis vaccines. 353637 Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals can get two or three pertussis infections throughout their lifetime, and immunity might be asymptomatically boosted after the primary an infection.

Pertussis Reality Quantity Three: As early as 1965 and all by means of the 1980s and 1990s, public well being officers within the U.S. and Europe knew that entire cell pertussis vaccine in DPT was not stopping infections in lots of vaccinated youngsters and beforehand vaccinated adults. 383940414243 Identical to earlier than DPT vaccination packages, pertussis will increase continued to be reported in cycles of three to 5 years, 444546474849 together with within the U.S. the place 95 % of youngsters had gotten three to 5 DPT photographs. 5051

It was apparent greater than 30 years in the past that entire cell pertussis vaccine in DPT was not solely extremely reactive, however was marginally efficient.

Pertussis Reality Quantity 4:  Between 1986 and 1996, a number of medical trials confirmed that the much less reactive acellular DTaP vaccine demonstrated superior efficacy and effectiveness in comparison with the previous and extra reactive DPT vaccine. 52 53 54 55 Even so, whooping cough outbreaks continued within the 21st century each in nations that had made the change to the improved one and in nations that stayed with the extra reactive previous one.56 57 58 59 60 By 2006, U.S. well being officers beneficial booster doses of acellular Tdap vaccine for youngsters. 61  Then, in 2010, the Tdap booster shot was discovered to be solely about 66 % efficient. 62

Annoyed by persevering with reviews of whooping cough instances in vaccinated youngsters, by 2012 the false narrative being forwarded within the U.S. media was accountable whooping cough outbreaks on acellular DTaP vaccine, 63 whereas additionally pointing a finger at a tiny minority of unvaccinated youngsters and the supply of private perception exemptions in state vaccine legal guidelines. 64 65

Vaccinologists within the U.S. piled on the acellular vaccine 66 67 68 69 70 and, when FDA researchers reported in 2014 that toddler baboons given entire cell pertussis vaccine cleared pertussis an infection extra quickly than these given acellular vaccine, 71 the drum beat to resurrect entire cell DPT started to get louder. 72 73 74 75 76


In July 2018, the obedient US media hyped a small research out of California selling the concept entire cell pertussis vaccine stimulates a broader sort of immunity that lasts longer than acellular pertussis vaccine. 77 The by-now acquainted chorus was that it might be higher to offer infants a few doses of the previous admittedly extra reactive entire cell pertussis vaccine adopted up by booster doses of acellular vaccine.

The public was being softened as much as settle for the unacceptable.

Pertussis Reality Quantity 5: It is very important keep in mind that each the previous and newer pertussis vaccines solely present short-term immunity that wanes inside two to 5 years.  Vaccinated individuals can develop into “silent reservoirs” of subclinical pertussis an infection and transmit whooping cough with out even understanding it. 787980

That’s as a result of there’s a massive distinction between a vaccine that forestalls an infection and a vaccine that forestalls illness and signs of an infection. 81 This distinction explains why pertussis vaccine induced herd immunity has all the time been a fable, an phantasm created when asymptomatic boosting of pertussis immunity by means of pure an infection happens in extremely vaccinated populations.82 83 84 85

However wait, there’s extra.

Everyone is aware of about how the indiscriminate use of antibiotics has led to virulent antibiotic-resistant strains of micro organism, which advanced to evade these miracle medicine that do save lives when docs prescribe them correctly.  Properly, the identical factor has occurred with the B. pertussis bacterium, which began evolving to turn into vaccine resistant quickly after public well being officers and pediatricians prescribed a number of doses of entire cell DPT vaccine for all youngsters.


As I defined in my 2016 commentary, Pertussis Microbe Outsmarts the Vaccines As Specialists Argue About Why,bench scientists have been publishing scientific proof for greater than 20 years that vaccine-resistant B. pertussis strains started to emerge after entire cell pertussis vaccine was licensed within the late 1940s and earlier than acellular pertussis vaccine was licensed within the mid 1990s. 86 Public well being officers on the CDC and all over the world admitted in 2014 that “most mutations in genes encoding acellular vaccine components arose in the period in which the whole cell vaccine was used.” 87

Pertussis Vaccines Don’t Include Circulating B. Pertussis Strains

The science on that time is obvious: The B. pertussis bacterium tailored to entire cell pertussis vaccination packages to outlive, and now that evolutionary course of is accelerating. 8889 At the moment, not one of the entire cell or acellular pertussis vaccines docs routinely administer to youngsters and pregnant ladies include the mutated B. pertussis strains extensively circulating and inflicting whooping cough in human populations. 9091

The inconvenient fact is that mutated, vaccine resistant pertussis strains are being recognized extra typically in vaccinated individuals than in unvaccinated individuals. 92

So why would any rational considering individual with an oz of ethical integrity recommend that subjecting new child infants to the extra reactive pertussis vaccine is the answer to stopping whooping cough, when not one of the pertussis vaccines include the brand new pertussis strains inflicting whooping cough immediately?

Vaccinologists and Primary Science Information Gaps

After a century of pertussis vaccination packages, vaccinologists nonetheless have no idea how pertussis infections – or many different infections – stimulate lengthy lasting cell mediated and humoral immunity within the physique. 93 That lack of primary scientific information is why they don’t know tips on how to make vaccines that present lengthy lasting synthetic immunity and why they don’t have correlates for immunity to precisely measure what sort of immunity vaccines do or don’t present. 9495

blind doctor

After a century of worldwide vaccination, vaccinologists additionally admit they nonetheless don’t perceive why and how pure infections or vaccines trigger problems that may result in mind injury and demise and they don’t know tips on how to precisely determine who’s extra prone to hurt. 969798 That’s the reason they don’t know find out how to make vaccines which are free from critical negative effects. 99100

And after a century of legal guidelines requiring infants and youngsters to get a rising listing of previous and new vaccines, there’s little effort being made to seek out what number of of these vaccines have prompted or will trigger microbes to evolve into extra virulent, vaccine resistant varieties. 101102103104

Docs and Sufferers Stored within the Dark

Vaccination is usually hailed as the best achievement within the historical past of drugs, however docs giving vaccines and individuals getting them have been stored at the hours of darkness about simply how a lot is just not recognized about vaccine dangers and failures. So when a wholesome youngster or pregnant ladies will get vaccinated and dies, or isn’t nicely once more, docs stored at midnight are conditioned to inform moms stored at the hours of darkness that the vaccine or mixture of vaccines simply given had nothing to do with it.

Vaccine coverage and regulation has preceded the science and it’s very true in terms of pertussis vaccination. You solely should learn articles within the medical literature about lengthy standing issues with pertussis vaccine toxicity and efficiency exams to learn how a lot vaccinologists don’t know concerning the security and effectiveness of pertussis vaccines. 105106

Entire Cell DPT Vaccine: Most Reactive Vaccine on Market Right now

For younger mother and father, who is probably not conversant in the dangerous unwanted side effects of entire cell DPT vaccine, you possibly can study extra by accessing hyperlinked references to the medical literature on the finish of this commentary. To offer you an concept about what you’ll study, following are a couple of details concerning the previous entire cell pertussis vaccine that stopped being given to infants in America within the late 1990s:

  • In 1933, the entire cell pertussis vaccine was reported to kill infants with out warning. 107
  • By the 1960s, the medical group knew that entire cell pertussis vaccine might trigger convulsions and mind injury in youngsters. 108109
  • By 1981, there was little doubt that entire cell pertussis vaccine is probably the most reactive vaccine ever given to infants and youngsters, second solely to smallpox vaccine. 110111112
vaccine roulette

In 1982, the eyes of oldsters in America have been opened by the award profitable tv documentary DPT: Vaccine Roulette, adopted by mother and father founding the group recognized at present because the Nationwide Vaccine Info Middle and the publishing of the e-book DPT: A Shot within the Dark in 1985. 113 The reactivity of DPT vaccine was out within the open and moms have been sharing their first hand  experiences of how they watched their infants endure horrible DPT vaccine reactions.

Between 50 and 80 % of infants who get entire cell DPT photographs run fevers, and expertise ache, redness and swelling on the website of the injection, and lots of them are extra fussy or lose their urge for food for a day or two. 114 If DPT vaccine reactions have been confined to sore arms and legs or low fevers and slightly additional fussiness, there would by no means have been a name by mother and father to make that previous vaccine much less reactive.

No, the very fact is that, for almost a century, entire cell pertussis vaccine has been infamous for inflicting much more critical reactions like high-pitched screaming (also called the encephalitic cry) 115 and hypotonic/hyporesponsive episodes (also referred to as collapse/shock), 116 and febrile or afebrile convulsions (also called seizures) 117118 and mind irritation (also called encephalitis, encephalomyelitis and encephalopathy). 119120121 Between 25 and 60 % of youngsters who develop acute encephalitis or encephalopathy or have convulsions, together with febrile convulsions – for any purpose – are left with some sort of mind like character modifications, developmental delays and studying disabilities, ADHD, seizure issues, decrease IQ, speech, motor and conduct issues and different disabilities. 122123124125126

worried parents

The Science Is Clear: DPT Injures and Kills Extra Typically Than DTaP

  • A 1981 U.S. research funded by the FDA and carried out at UCLA discovered that 1 in 875 DPT photographs was adopted by a convulsion or collapse/shock response. 127 A few of the youngsters in that research have been left with neurological issues and low IQs.
  • The 1981 British Nationwide Childhood Encephalopathy Research (NCES) estimated that the danger for a beforehand wholesome baby creating a critical neurological drawback inside seven days of DPT vaccination was 1 in 110,000 DPT photographs and the danger of persistent mind dysfunction was 1 in 310,000 DPT photographs. 128 A few of the youngsters in that research have been left with mind injury manifested by “neurologic, motor, sensory, educational behavioral and self-care dysfunctions.” 129
  • In 1985, CDC officers reported that youngsters who skilled a neurological drawback after DPT vaccination had a 7 occasions larger danger if that they had a private historical past of convulsions and a four.5 occasions higher danger if that they had a household historical past of convulsions. 130
  • In 1991 and 1994, two Institute of Drugs committees analyzed the scientific proof and confirmed that DPT vaccine may cause acute encephalopathy and mind injury in beforehand wholesome youngsters. 131132
  • Most creating nations nonetheless use entire cell DPT and, in 2018, Brazil reported that hostile occasions following DPT and DPT-Hib photographs account for greater than 75 % of reported childhood vaccine reactions; 133
  • Within the U.S. vaccine damage compensation program (VICP), DPT vaccine is the vaccine with probably the most damage claims filed, together with for demise, and it’s the second most compensated vaccine damage declare, with influenza vaccine now in first place. 134
  • DTaP vaccine nonetheless generates a big variety of opposed response reviews 135136 however, with few exceptions, a number of research affirm that DTaP vaccine is as much as two-thirds much less reactive than DPT vaccine. 137138139140141

To all these docs on the market who assume you’ve gotten an issue with public belief in vaccine security as we speak, 142143 simply wait till you attempt to robust arm moms and fathers in America to provide their new child infants that nasty previous entire cell pertussis vaccine.

However wait, there’s extra.


In 2015, the World Well being Group issued a brand new pertussis vaccine place paper to offer docs in each nation their marching orders. 144 In that paper, international public well being officers rejected almost a century of scientific proof documenting the toxicity and dangers of entire cell pertussis vaccine. They stated that, apart from anaphylaxis, there are no contraindications to giving youngsters any sort of pertussis-containing vaccine.

No contraindications. No medical exemptions. Not for youngsters who’re sick on the time of vaccination or have suffered excessive pitched screaming, collapse, convulsions and mind damage inside hours, not for youngsters who virtually died after vaccination.

Who paid for this scientifically illiterate place paper that cruelly devalues the lives of particular person youngsters? The 4 prime funders of the World Well being Group are the U.S. authorities, the Invoice and Melinda Gates Basis, the British authorities and GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, which incorporates the most important vaccine producers on the planet. 145

If this may be achieved with pertussis vaccine, it may be achieved with each future vaccine that Pharma is creating and governments will advocate and mandate, from cytomegalovirus and strep B to syphilis and HIV. 146147 148 149

The Finish Recreation: Pressured Vaccination, No Exceptions

That is the Finish Recreation being performed out on the world stage that I’ve been warning since 1993 was coming, the day when each vaccine that the pharmaceutical business creates and authorities well being officers advocate shall be pressured on you and your youngsters. 150151 No questions, no mercy, no exceptions.

We, the individuals, are the barrier that stands between our youngsters and grandchildren and the poisonous entire cell pertussis vaccine the vaccine business needs to deliver again to America to allow them to rewrite historical past and flip the clock again.


Earlier than the drum beat will get any louder, 152 it’s as much as every certainly one of us to face up and defend freedom of thought and speech and conscience in America so we will shield our proper to know and freedom to make voluntary vaccine selections for ourselves and our youngsters.

No one Will Save You However You

No one will prevent and your loved ones from what’s coming tomorrow besides the motion that you simply, personally, take in the present day. Please share this commentary with your loved ones and pals and make an appointment to talk together with your elected representatives. Enroll to make use of the free on-line NVIC Advocacy Portal and be a part of with different involved residents in your state who need to cease the legal responsibility free vaccine business from persevering with to take advantage of the well being of our youngsters and our nation.

It’s your well being. Your loved ones. Your selection.

Learn the complete article at NVIC.org.


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